October 28, 2018


North Border Tech Training evolved from North Border Software. Created in 2010, I started out as a small one-man business retailing quality software at affordable prices. This was great, but I had a passion for education. At the time, with the growth in social media, I realized I could create a platform to deliver quality and free technical training to a global audience, some of whom may not have the resources needed to attend formal college courses. YouTube was a great platform to deliver that training and I backup successful tutorials with web content.

Time has moved on and YouTube is a much more difficult platform to get an increasing amount of views. So late 2018 I made the decision to revamp the website and focus on web content.

Free accessible training through this website. The focus of my blogs and tutorials are to look at some of the latest developments in my core industry of data networking, mobile and network transformation. I will look at some of the technological developments driving demand for bandwidth and the Internet of Things is one such area.

So please enjoy my content. As long as people see value in what I do I will carry on creating new and exciting tutorials and blogs.

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