What is Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)?

In short, Network Functions Virtualization or NFV is a modern methodology that replaces the traditional way of building network infrastructure using specific hardware, with software-based equivalents running on generic server-based platforms. These network functions can be routers, firewalls, session border controllers, SD-WAN or any function that exists on hardware today. The concept of virtualization is Read more about What is Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)?[…]

Network Technology Predictions for 0219

Not withstanding the demands of Christmas, illness has laid me low for a while. However, I do have time for a quick blog to set out my network technology predictions for 2019. So, what will be big in 2019? Service providers are gearing up for 5G mobile. I would not say that we will see Read more about Network Technology Predictions for 0219[…]

What is the Internet of Things?

Well that’s a term, that is talked about as being one of the growth drivers for big data within the Internet. But what is the Internet of Things or IoT as it is often called. The IoT is the collective name given to all Internet connected devices. These devices can communicate with us via smartphones Read more about What is the Internet of Things?[…]

Cisco predicts global IP traffic to grow over 3X from 2017-2022

If you ever wanted reassurance that data networking is a good career choice, then look at Cisco’s prediction that IP traffic will grow by 3x from 2017 to 2022. I have seen a bandwidth explosion in recent years as part of my day to day work. Social media, video streaming, big data storage and gaming Read more about Cisco predicts global IP traffic to grow over 3X from 2017-2022[…]

The First “Solid State” Ion Drive Aircraft Achieves Sustained Flight

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have successfully achieved sustained flight of an aircraft using a solid-state ion drive engine. Solid state “ionic wind” propulsion means quieter aircraft that need less maintenance.  The environmental benefits of not burning fossil fuels are obvious. The team published their findings in the journal Nature on Wednesday. Read more about The First “Solid State” Ion Drive Aircraft Achieves Sustained Flight[…]

What is SD-WAN?

When we look at what is happening in the service provider space today, then SD-WAN can certainly be described as a “killer application” driving network transformation. So why is this so? SD-WAN is an acronym for Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network. So why all the interest? It essentially boils down to money and Read more about What is SD-WAN?[…]

What are Disaggregated Networks?

Disaggregation is a term you will increasingly hear within telecommunications service providers and network equipment manufacturers. So, what is dis-aggregation? In short, it is a move by service providers to prevent “vendor lock-in”. Vendor lock-in can occur when an equipment manufacturer provides products and systems that have some degree of proprietary functionality. This makes it Read more about What are Disaggregated Networks?[…]

Welcome to My New Website

Welcome to my new look website! So why all the changes? Well, in short, I wanted to expand the scope of this project to include much more in the way of my core skill set within data networking. Like many technology related industries, we are having trouble recruiting the younger generations. I work with fantastically Read more about Welcome to My New Website[…]