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Welcome to my new look website! So why all the changes? Well, in short, I wanted to expand the scope of this project to include much more in the way of my core skill set within data networking. Like many technology related industries, we are having trouble recruiting the younger generations. I work with fantastically talented people, but we are all growing older together and the future does not bode well. We need to change that, and I hope to inspire younger people to develop the skills and the motivation to take up a technology focused career. This one the main reason I previously focused on mobile application development, especially Android. I always loved coding and the fact that Android development tools are free and the devices inexpensive meant that we had an open and accessible platform available to us for anybody with a decent computer to learn and potentially create engaging and saleable projects. Coding in general and mobile application development will still be part of the future of this site.

Another reason for the change was YouTube itself. Many of my tutorials were video related. This is a great way to learn as so many of us are visual learners. My channel saw excellent growth from 2015 and through 2017. It was encouraging to see the extend of the global reach and the positive impact I was having. Then, early 2018, YouTube changed their algorithm. The traffic dropped drastically, and I felt like a slave to the YouTube machine driven ranking scheme. To do well, you needed to post new content regularly. I was doing that once a week to achieve slow but steady growth. In the end, it was too much for me. There is a huge amount of time needed to create tutorial projects, test them and the produce a video. It really was not worth the effort for so little reward. The traffic soon dropped further. The reality was that my approach was not engaging enough. I had many positive comments on the quality of the material, but I am not a showman. I am not alone in this view and many successful Youtubers are feeling the pressure and are expressing discontent or even quitting the platform. So, for me it is onward and upwards in a new direction.

Another reason for the expanded scope is the fact that we are at a new and exciting phase in data networking. There is a fundamental transformation happening right now in the way data networks are constructed. Telecommunications Service Providers do not want to be locked into any one equipment vendor. This is true even at the system level and you will come across terms such as “disaggregation” and “whitebox” hardware. I will explain these terms in future tutorials, but you will start to see generic x86 server platforms running software-based network components such as routers and firewalls, whereas currently networks are build using dedicated, monolithic hardware and software. This new methodology is often termed “Network Functions Virtualization” or NFV. All this open network needs open management systems, and there is a trend to move from vendor specific platforms to open source controllers that use Application Programming Interfaces or API’s. This sounds all very software focused and it is. The industry does not have enough people that possess the skills to make all these systems interwork and operate. There are great career opportunities for individuals that have the necessary software skills with the networking knowhow.

So what changes will you see? Well, mobile application development will still be part of what I do. Although I do not plan to make any more videos to back up the web content. The traditional router and switching technologies will still be a fundamental part of the new networks as much of the transformation is focused on how these services are created an installed rather than functionality. So, there is a place for tutorials covering these technologies. The Internet of Things is a new an inspiring area of technology and so I will cover this too. And finally, I will cover network transformation in the form of Network Functions Virtualization, Software Defined Networking and Disaggregation. In fact, I will cover anything technological focused subject that grabs my interest.

So, keep watching this site and I hope to inform you and provide you with a solid foundation for you to move forward and be part of an exciting future.

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