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Getting Started in Android Development

Part 2 - Creating a Project in Android Studio

I assume that you have  installed Android Studio and set up an emulator. If you are having trouble doing this then take a look the page here.

Once loaded, it is a straightforward process to create a new project in Android Studio. Simply select File > New Project. You will be presented with start of the “Create New Project” wizard. The first screen is as shown below.

Creating a Project in Android Studio

In this screen you will create the package name space or package name for the app. The name space is very important as it is what identifies your app from all others and must be globally unique. Package names always begin with “com”. Thereafter, you are free to use almost whatever you want.

Click next and you are presented with a screen in which  you define the minimum version of Android that will be supported by the app and what type of the devices the app will run on, e.g. phones, tablets, Android wear.

Creating a Project in Android Studio

Choosing a wide range of Android versions will mean you target more devices. However, you will have more testing to do. There are also features supported in higher releases that are not supported on lower releases and so you may not get that “state of the art” functionality you desire.

It is worth taking a look at the Android versions dashboard that will tell you the percentages of Android releases in current use. This is updated regularly and can be found here.

Click next to take you to the screen that follows. This screen presents the user with an array of Activity types and associated layouts. If you are just getting started in Android development then select the “Blank Activity” option.

Creating a Project in Android Studio

The next screen allows you to define the names of the main Activity and layout. The main activity is the Activity that is loaded when the app first starts. The menu resource file is the menu associated with the action bar. This can be ignored for now, but if you want to know more about this then take a look here.

Create a project in Android Studio

After clicking finish there will be three files are of interest at this stage. They are the Android manifest.xml, the MainActivity.java and the activity_main.xml files. They should look similar to the ones below and these will be explained in later tutorials.

The initial Android manefest.xml file

The initial activity_main.xml file

The initial MainActivity.java file

In the next tutorial we will take a closer look at the Android manifest file.

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